Talk to Him

Believe it or not ladies they can’t read our minds. And as much as we think he should just know…chances are he really doesn’t. The reality is that we are wired completely different. As women, we are more emotional and we tend to over-analyze everything. The simplest thing can turn into a “Well what is that supposed to mean?” I hate to break it to you ladies but no man wants a woman always looking for fault in everything he does. Not only is it frustrating, but it is literally draining. I mean think about it. Imagine he’s had a long day at work and then comes home to unload only to find that you’re amped up ready to pounce on him (and not in a good way lol). He needs you to be an escape not an obstacle. I’m not saying suppress what you’re feeling to avoid conflict, on the contrary actually, but it’s the way you present it. If you’re going into a situation with an attitude and hot-headed then his defenses will go up. Nothing can get accomplished when one person is completely closed off to hearing another’s perspective. But it happens so often that sometimes we don’t even realize how damaging it is to our relationships. The thing is you will have fights, and if you don’t you should be concerned. It is through stressful times that one’s true character is revealed. And with that you learn “how to fight” with your significant other. With time you learn what ticks them off, and as hard as it seems in that moment, please avoid this at all cost. You can never get those words back after it’s been said…remember that.


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