Keep Your Relationship Private

Ladies here are some words of advice…don’t gossip about your man to friends or family (this goes for my men too). For one, no good can come out of the conversation other than the fact you had a chance to vent. The problem is that you are venting to the wrong person. Did you talk to him first to try and solve the issue? Now it’s different if you’re actually seeking guidance on how to approach a particular subject or if you want an opinion if you’re overreacting. But to simply bash this individual would be inappropriate. Don’t bring outsiders into your relationship. It’s hard enough with just two people, why add more confusion. Especially if you actually see yourself being with this man long-term. All you are doing is creating strife between all of your relationships. I don’t know about you but I would like to have the chance to clear my name before someone starts throwing dirt on it. Give them a chance to express how they feel and give them time to admit error where needed and apologize. Don’t be so quick to condemn somebody, we all make mistakes and we all have a role in it. Sometimes it may be 95% his fault, but be mature enough to own up and apologize for your 5% (I know it’s hard…that petty life be calling my name too 😩😂).  So next time you pick up that phone to engage in some male-bashing over your own man, don’t. And if he is as bad as you say, then leave. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t feel the relationship is headed in a direction you’d like and you two can’t seem to come to agreements with this, then it’s time to part ways. The decision should be based off of the two in the relationship, and not the friends with the overly expressed opinion. Stop making your business public, some things are best kept behind closed doors.

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